Coolmar Marine type central system air condioning units are manufactured as per requests within the air volume range of 750-25,000 m3/h so as to be functional; therefore, the expectations are surpassed and rival companies are outdistanced thanks to double layer chromium body as well as body and technical specifations that may be modified in line with the ordered projects.

They are manufactured in between 10 kW and 150 kW upon requests of the customers by making calculations along with structures established thanks to the project team of Coolmar. All capacity calculations, air volume requirement, chanel calculations and all assistant elements are provided for customer by Coolmar. These are devices which can be controled for 24 hours with heatig, coolng and humidifying functions and provide full automation upon request depending on the changeable structures and voltage requrements as well as the climate and region in which it shall oparate. Coolmar will be your solution partner providing all of your needs during the construction process for which the shipyard need help most thanks to wide capacity range of units.