HVAC&R Systems and Products

As Coolmar, we manufacture HVAC&R products appropriate for all areas by varying product groups and extensive capacity range in special dimensions and models and with innovative designs. In addition to project designing and documentation, we render service in this sector with fancoil units, ventilation fans, exhaust fans, air conditioning plants, cooling systems, machinery ventilation fans, heat exchangers, central heating systems, split and package type air conditioners, inverter systems and other relevant products. These products are manufactured by special design and manufacturing efforts taking the criteria of navy projects into consideration. For cooling, heating and ventilation solutions for some critically risky areas; we use ex-proof fans or static heating and products with heating coil are used in our designs in line with the sensitivity of the area.

Our efforts in the navy industry are not limited to our product range. We also provide technical documentation, project planning, mechanical installation schemes, testing and commissioning services with totally system oriented solutions. In addition, we continuously follow the latest developments in the industry and update our operations.


Coolmar operate in the navy industry by providing equipment for HVAC&R systems, commissioning this equipment and other project planning works. We provide solution oriented services by our expert staff coming together for our manufacturing processes as well as our engineering and project offices experienced in design for supply ships, surveying ships, coast guard boats, frigates, training boats, landing ships, assault boats and other navy vessels. We maintain our operations in the industry by products specially developed for engine rooms, living spaces, electric rooms, arsenals, fresh air requirements and exhaust air systems.